Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living My Life

I've been a bit behind because honestly I haven't felt like writing.......However, I forgot to put down a few things I would like to put here. First is that I am so delighted to see vending machines every half a kilometer with some many yummy drinks! Second is how much I am like a kid because I get to ride a train every day! I really look forward to my train ride haha! There are many little things that I appreciate a lot, which makes life so enjoyable here.

The other night I found myself doing something that I rarely do and that is eating food I am not familiar with. I was pretty sure I was going to be eating some kind of fish, so I didn't ask questions, just ate it and pretended that I couldn't decide what it was! I knew I was eating maguro sashimi (raw tuna) but the tempura I didn't know what it was and later learned I ate mussels! Gah gag! 

Yesterday I went to Kyoto for a trip to see some friends. I am constantly surprised at people's generosity here! My friend there has offered to help me find a job and even give me a place to stay if I paint some pictures for him for his guest house. It was an interesting day to be sure and I even got lost on the trains haha no surprise there! I really better get more sleep tonight so I can start thinking straight!

As for today, I met with Michi's parents. They are the kindest people on the planet. I met them at Nanba, another place I got lost at the other day. Just when I got to the station and was looking for the Kintetsu exit there they were right before me! I always feel so happy and at peace when I see them. I suppose I feel safe with them too. We had lots of coffee and food, which always seems to be the way of things! We went to see dolls at Takashimaya Department store for hina matsuri (Girl's Day Festival) They were very beautiful and also expensive. Anyways, I enjoyed it very much as I felt very inspired by the art in general on that floor. I also went to Aoyama, which is a popular coffee chain here in Japan. It was pretty good, but if there are two things I would have to say are expensive here it's tea, coffee, and the train fairs! 

I am sure I am forgetting something, but this is it for now....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Livin' da Life!

Today is day three and I am damn tired! I'd like one day to just go bathe somewhere perhaps......However, it's been great! Michi's parents helped me haul my luggage from the guest house to my apartment, which was incredibly exhausting and hard work, especially for them! Spent the day doing that and then the gas man came to my place and after we had to go house shopping! It was so much fun and so awesome how his parents have sort of taken responsibility for me in a way suggesting what I "should have" for my place and all! They have been very kind and generous indeed. I am forever greatful to them to be sure.

Anyway, I've forgotten to mention some of my thoughts and observations along the way during my  recent adventures. Honestly, everything here is so normal for me despite not understanding most of what people say and only being able to read certain things. I often even forget I am the only foreigner and everyone else around is essentially the same by race and nationality. Then it comes to my attention and I realize there are people staring at me, looking at the white girl with big round eyes! I never care though. I also feel very "free" here, comfortable, and at peace. I could be happy living here forever, but I don't find myself "being" Japanese anymore, I am just Mel and that's it. Perhaps some of it will rub off  and I will become more like them than I think, we'll see. Another thing is my ability to make friends, I don't really know what I do, but it seems people are easily drawn to me and I already made new Korean friends of all people! In addition, now that I am here and "free" it seems the dating population has increased by 100! However, so far there is no one who has come forward nor has there been anyone exceptional either. I am not so worried about it right now, but it is interesting none the less!

I am sure I am forgetting something, but I am quite tired and have many more emails and what not to finish. Until next time....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The New Adventure Begins!

I am finally in Japan! Honestly it seems so surreal and as if it was never going to happen or the time was never going to come.....However, the adventure did not begin without it's challenges. I felt myself being nervous and anxious about what was ahead of me in terms of moving my things (and Buddha knows I have too much!) and also getting around and knowing what I'm doing since I my Japanese is so poor! I let my mind think the worst things and put me in a state of panic, in which I told myself I could just turn around and come home if I wanted to. Alas, as my hero Osho always said, "The mind is the naysayer." So I got here and went through customs/immigration just swell and at last I was saved! Michi's dad met me at the airport after our long conversations of not understanding each other! In the end he was waiting for me at the train platform at the airport and like a trooper he helped me transport my 130 lbs of luggage onto a train that took one hour to get to my guest house! Once we found the guest house I literally unloaded, got a bit settled and we went for some dinner. Now I have to note here that I think Japanese young people are just as bad in their opinion of old people (although they won't say it out loud) since I have noticed many young people making fun of Michi's dad and even both his parents in general. I think most younger people would be embarrassed to be seen with them, but I am greatful and in their debt for their kindness and generosity and have sincerely enjoyed their company. Furthermore, the first day ended with a dinner with Michi's dad followed by a shower, and some computer time in the sitting room with my Korean mates. 

Today, Okaasama (Michi's mum) came with his dad and the three of us went to McDonald's! I haven't eaten that shit in 3 years and well I guess I broke that now! I was happy to have brekky though! After that we went through a trying time at Soft Bank to get m a cell phone! OMG, I felt sorry for the representative with my poor Japanese even with Michi's parents trying to explain as well! After that we went and had Katsu Kari (fried pork cutlet with curry sauce and rice) for lunch! It was sooooooooo good! Then we went to his parent's house, which was really nostalgic for me and odd that Michi had been home not so long ago. It was almost like a ghost had been there I guess. His dad had another present for me, which is a really pretty scarf! After that they were kind enough to show me where I will be working this week and after that we ended up at an Italian restaurant! All the food was very delicious and I am thankful to them for their treats and also because I might not have eaten three meals just because I have not had an appetite lately. They are really kind and I owe them much when the right payment will come along.

I would just like to end today's entry by saying that it has been sort of strange revisiting places I have already been here, especially without Michi. It all seems a shame that it's over between us because there were so many beautiful things we did together and it's gone. 私はばかやねん。。。I'm an idiot....

And last I am posting a picture of a shrine that is kitty corner from my guest house. This is the sort of thing you see everywhere, a Buddhist temple next to a Mobile gas station....and a random shrine on a corner....